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Gulf Coast Family Counseling serves individuals, couples and families along the entire Gulf Coast. We work with those who are insured, uninsured and under-insured to give everyone access to quality mental health care. Our clients range from those with significant mental health diagnoses to those dealing with everyday life stressors.


We can talk one on one with you in order to help you with your mental wellness.


We provide in-depth counseling for couples. If you are having problems communicating or just want to get an outside perspective, we can help you and your partner.


We can help your entire family overcome mental wellness issues as a whole. We can help you communicate better and reduce stress.

Why Choose Gulf Coast Family Counseling?

We have been exceeding expectations since 1967. Our experienced and friendly staff can work with you and your family to get you the best support. We are loated in a quiet part of Ocean Springs that is the best enviornment to relax and get comfortable.

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If you are looking for a local, friendly business to help you with any of the services, please reach out to us and schedule an appointment. We are here to help.